Sunday, September 27, 2009

Rainy Sunday

Bike - 2 hrs, 20 minutes on trainer

Woke to rain, so it was an indoor recovery ride extravaganza with Coach Troy. I slogged through Aero Base Builders 1 and 6, and my legs were really beat. It was probably divine intervention that kept me indoors and forced to pay attention to my effort level today. 

The rain sputtered to occasional mist by dog walking time, so I was able to get all three out for their usual jaunts. 

Will be taking it easy today, preparing for tomorrow's return to work. Breaks are nice but too short lived. Back to the routine....

Saturday, September 26, 2009


Bike Miles - 44
Swim - 2,500/73 mins

I need a vacation to rest up after my vacation!

Today, it was a bit chilly but not cold. About 61 degrees with a brisk wind. Unfortunately, as I was heading up to the turn around on my first circuit, the bald goon and his meaty monster of a dog were up ahead. I turned around and ended up varying my route a bit so that I would not encounter them. Success! They were gone by the time I headed back that way. As a consequence of changing things up, I ended up doing an extra mile. Legs were a little tired.

The pool seemed a little more crowded than usual and my buddy showed up. Therefore, I ended up sharing the lane with him, just like a weekday. He's not a consistent Saturday swimmer. Anyway, he left after about 35 minutes and I had the lap to myself until my final 20 laps. It was fine--the guy was a polite swimmer.  Have to admit to being tired for most of the swim, particularly my legs. That always makes me feel like I'm sinking, so I end up kicking more and making it worse. LOL. Determination got me through 100 laps, even though I initially was going to stop at 60, then 80, then 90. Since I don't plan to swim tomorrow, I wanted to do a long swim.

The sky was really cloudy, almost threatening, when I walked the girls. They took it easy on me, probably sensing that I was wiped out. It feels very fall-like outside with the cool temps and breeze. Rain is promised for later today into tonight and Sunday morning. 

Friday, September 25, 2009

Showery Friday

Bike - 1 hr, 45 mins/trainer
Swim - 2,000/1 hour

Woke to drizzle and rain on the radar, so I decided to do a couple Spinervals (Lean & Mean and Recharge).  For many reasons, I'm no longer determined to get in outdoor miles when the weather conditions aren't that great. It's also good to shake it up a little bit with some trainer miles. Looks like I'll probably be back inside on Sunday morning because some more rain is headed our way.

My swim went pretty well for the first 60 laps, then I got decidedly tired. I went from feeling buoyant to rock-like, probably because my legs were fried. Since it wasn't too crowded, I slogged it out to 80 laps. Started out the swim with the wild haired guy -- my usual lane partner -- and he left after 40 minutes, which is his usual swim time. I had the lane to myself for about 10 minutes, then some guy who was too fast for the slow lane joined me. Not a big deal, as he kept to his side and wasn't a sloppy swimmer. As I was leaving, another young man who appeared to be fast (big shoulders/chest) asked if he could have my side of the lane. I don't know why these folks don't go in the medium lanes. Since I was leaving, who cares? And best of all, bikini girl didn't show up today. She must be a Monday/Wednesday swimmer and once I get back to my workday swim schedule, I shouldn't encounter her since I'll be doing 60 laps at most....

No dog walking this morning because it continues to rain. Perhaps if it clears up, I'll get them out this afternoon. Hopefully... 

Brian is at an offsite today, so I'll have the day to myself. Plan to read, nap, take it easy. 

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Summer-like Thursday

Bike Miles - 36
Swim - 2,250/67 mins

Because there were showers predicted, I wasn't sure that I'd be riding outside. There was some rain on the radar but it looked like it passed through already. Pumped up the tires on the beater bike and headed out. There was dry pavement near the house but a half mile away, the roads were wet, with puddles. Same sort of conditions on the trail. Wet north of 50, dry south.  I saw a skunk, a first ever. He crossed the trail in front of me, so I was praying he wouldn't get scared and spray me. Whew, made it past him without incident. It was very warm out---75 degrees---and humid. There were some patches of fog where the pavement was wet.

It wasn't that busy at the pool so I had my favorite lane to myself for about 75% of my swim. Started out feeling pretty darn good but by the end, my shoulders were sore and I was tired. Decided to slog it out to 90 laps but not push it to 100. Since I do my long swim on Saturday, I didn't want to overdo today. I love working to the point of soreness---means I'm getting stronger!

The girls were panting away during their walks because of the warmth/humidity. It is promising to be a mostly cloudy day with peaks of sun. 

While my bruises are very colorful, the soreness has pretty much dissipated, thank God.

Yesterday, Brian and I went to the Tidal Basin for a walk before he went in to the office for a meeting. Haven't been there for awhile, so it was nice. After a pizza lunch, he left and I took a two hour nap!  How am I going to go back to work and make it through the day without taking my nap?  LOL!! 

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

First Full Day of Fall

Bike Miles - 36
Swim - 2,000/55 mins

Who would have guessed this first day of fall would have the warmest morning in several weeks. Had a nice bike ride---dry, comfortable, felt good. My bruises are healing nicely.

I decided to focus on taking it slow during my swim, and as a consequence, had a good one. Felt buoyant, unlike yesterday--I think the difference was ensuring that I kept my core engaged and my head down. Started out splitting the lane with the wild haired guy, who is actually a nice fellow. He left after about 40 minutes and a lady joined me (she was fine but a bit faster than I). First 72 laps were good ,but Ms. Bikini-clad Too Fast for the Slow Lane plopped herself in the lane and asked if me and the other lady could swim circles so she could join us. I very pointedly told her that it was a SLOW lane (clearly marked) and in so many words, to respect that (I said I didn't want her lapping me).  I figured that I had only 8 laps to do til I reached my goal of 80 so it was ok.  The other lady apologized to me for being in the lane, as I was getting out of the pool. She was fine---gave me room & slowed down, even though I was jamming her up. Ms. Bikini also kept her distance, which was nice. I have to admit that if she does it again, I will insist that she go to a medium lane. She is simply too fast to hog a slow lane.  It's not fair to others.

Had a good time walking the girls after I got home. 

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Autumn Equinox

Bike Miles - 36
Swim - 2,000/58 mins

It felt downright warmish out during my early morning bike ride. Sixty-four degrees and very humid. Thank goodness, a very peaceful, non-eventful ride. No cur and big bald goon sightings!  Right leg and left knee still bruised and sore, but improving.

My bruises didn't impact my swimming, but I was feeling a little like a rock today. LOL.  The pool was full but I was able to split a lane the entire time, instead of having to swim circles with two others. Consequently, I slogged out 80 laps. Next week, it's back to work and I won't be able to spend an hour swimming on the weekdays. 

Legs felt fine on the dog walks, too. Brian went in to work late, so he came with me on Margot's walk.  

After my shower, I found a hereto undiscovered bruise on the back of my left calf from the dog wreck.

Yesterday, Brian and I went to the Pentagon Memorial (he came home around 10:00 yesterday, which was a nice surprise). No surprise, I started to cry, remembering 9/11 and all that loss. The memorial is very understated and a good tribute. 

We also did a test run of my new commute, which shouldn't be bad at all.  Brian was so sweet---he got me a parking pass for the garage, so I will be ready to go Monday. I should regain about an hour or more of daily "me" time lost during that awful commute to Dulles.  Have the option to metro, too, if there's snow or I don't feel like driving.

Rain is coming, unfortunately. Gives me a good excuse to read and take it easy. 

Monday, September 21, 2009

Sunny Monday Morning

Bike Miles - 36
Swim - 2,000/57 mins

Yesterday, the bruises I sustained in the "cur" wipeout were very sore, so I iced them and took advil to reduce the swelling. Had a restless night's sleep, mainly worrying about encountering the dude and the cur again this morning.
When I got up, I was feeling better in terms of the soreness. I was able to pound out a relatively gentle 36 mile ride, and I was mindful not to push it. I was approaching the end of my last circuit, I saw the cur and his owner, the bald jerk, off to the side of the trail. He kept the cur off the trail until I cleared the area, thank God. For the rest of the ride, I was praying that I didn't encounter them again, particularly on the killer hill.  I knew I'd have to dismount or go by the dog, keeping my fingers crossed that he didn't lunge at me (there is no grass to cushion a landing there---macadam and concrete.  My prayers were answered and I didn't see them.  The jerk is going out later now, so I'm pretty sure he'll start meeting up with bike commuters. I think he would find one of those men less understanding and forgiving about his lunging dog than I had been....

Got off the bike and the tender area at the top/back of my right leg was very sore again. Also, the bruising on my calves and left knee are pretty spectacular.  Took some advil, which hopefully will reduce the swelling.

My swim was OK. I think my bike accident really knocked the bejezus out of my body because my inner thighs were simply wiped out when I was doing breast stroke.  It didn't impact me at all during freestyle, despite the horrific leg/knee bruising.  Still, it wasn't crowded - a nice surprise - so I took advantage and did 80 laps. Got really cold by the end of the swim. When I initially came into the deck area before swimming, I noticed it was not as warm/humid as usual (the water is always a little cool but even if you get cold in the water, the warm deck area warms you up when you get out). Went through the icebox of a hall into a not-so-warm locker room where I dried off and put on dry clothes. Ended up having the shivers---chattering teeth, shaking.  I had to turn the heater on high in the car and sit a few minutes before I could drive. My legs were quivering so much that there was no way I could have worked the clutch!  

Came home and walked the girls. Legs felt pretty good but I decided not to do my planned leg weight workout today. Instead, I did shoulders and back. 

Will be icing, applying arnica gels, and advil'ing again today.  I'm on the mend, thank goodness. It could have been so much worse.